Real Estate Appraisal & Brokerage – Flagstaff, Arizona.

3/23/2021 UPDATE:  Cap rates fell to all time lows during the pre-COVID period in 2019. When cap rates go down, property values go up. Prices in the market were going up while the underlying cash flows were going down in 2020.

In the anticipated 2021 re-opening my experience in valuation, sales and financing alternatives can advantage you through the next cycle. Successful real estate projects require more than pre-packaged data delivered in a vacuum. I have worked on a wide range of projects with a diverse range of clients over the past 30 years.

My services include two areas of activity: Technical Analyses and Transactional Efforts. My experience in each area complements the other.

  • Technical Services:
    Real Estate Appraisal – 30 years experience with a diverse range of clients. The real estate appraisal services are listed on the APPRAISAL SERVICES page.
  • Transactional Services:  
    Real Estate Brokerage. Site Selection and advising clients on development, land use and entitlement issues. Financing Alternatives and assisting with development and purchase money placement.

I provide real estate clients with experienced and practical advice. I can assist with the purchase, sale, appraisal and financing of real estate.

Independent. Innovative. Discrete.

Relevant Experience: Arizona State Board of Appraisal -Certified General Appraiser. Arizona Department of Real Estate – Licensed Real Estate Broker – Northern Arizona Association of Realtors member since 1984.  Arizona State Banking Department – 1994 -2012 Licensed Mortgage Broker- Mortgage Company Owner.

Phone: 928-699-9535